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Beyond the End Provinz

Being one of the first major projects, is the main page for the online browser game Beyond the End, also developed by myself. The main page contains the whole account management, forums as well as a profile page, a guest book and an individually configurable page for each user. Additionally there is a vocabulary trainer meant for private use.

This project is not being worked on anymore.

The main page

Das Portal:

The main page on is built to facilitate participating in multiple rounds of Beyond the End. Once registered on the main page, one can join a round of Beyond the End with a single click, especially without having to registering again. Also, when simultaneously participating in several rounds, users can easily switch between rounds without having to log out and in again.
Besides that, there are general forums, forums for each round and forums for each alliance, which can only be accessed by the respective members. Also moderator rights for alliance forums can be distributed individually.
Furthermore, each user has a profile page, a guest book and an individually configurable page.

The game: Beyond the End

Beyond the End: Stadt

Beyond the End is a browser game in which one can not only lose, but also win. The basic task is simple: Build a city with the help of your alliance. Although this sounds easy, it is a long way to reach this goal.
Beyond the End: Stadt

Course of the game

Each player starts alone, without an alliance, in a medium-sized province (this is not a city), a few resources, buildings, units and artifacts needed to build new buildings. One starts to develop this province gets more units and, after a while, more space is needed and expansion starts. One captures more provinces and joins an alliance or founds his own.
Beyond the End: Stadt

Of course there are other players that also team up in alliances. So task is not only to build a city with ones own alliance, but also prevent the other alliances to be faster than oneself, as only the alliance wins that finishes a city first. If an alliance is not fast enough on its own, other methods need to be applied to slow down the opponents. So, there will be wars automatically, especially for growing cities as they can be captured, too.

More on the game

Besides the usual rounds, in which the alliances pursue the objective, there are speed rounds, in which the game is sped up with a certain factor. Additionally a chase for the record round was planned (and almost finished implementing), in which a single player tries to reach the objective; only opponent is the time. The fastest player to build a city would be on top of the all-time ranking.
There were even more ideas for variants that have not been implemented.

The vocabulary trainer

There is not much to say about the vocabulary trainer. Words can be added, groups created, language chosen, and the system can ask for translations, of course. The latter is done by prompting for randomly selected words from the respective group. It was planned to more often prompt for translations that are solved incorrectly often.
Besides the current word including group and languages, the previous word including the correct solution and result (correct/wrong), as well as some statistics are displayed.
As already mentioned, the vocabulary trainer was meant for private use and is/was not accessible publicily.