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Tournament system kartAdminister various torunaments and create season and team evaluations with only few clicks.

Tournament system kart


The torunament system supports the registration team as well as the results evaluation team at our tournaments.


Qualifikation management Tournament management

Permissions in detail

Registration (per tournament): Drivers and teams can be registered, added and removed from tournaments. Also the address list can be viewed.
Evaluation (per tournament): Run times, fails and comments can be edited and drivers can be disqualified.
Operator (per tournament): Operator contains permissions of Registration and Evaluation. Additionally started drivers can be removed from a tournament.
Global Registration: Registration permissions for all tournaments.
Global Evaluation: Evaluation permissions for all tournaments.
Global Operator: Operator permissions for all tournaments. Additionally access to the operator panel with access to different functions (depending on the level): View the list of accounts, manage tournaments, assign tournament specific permissions, edit registered drivers "globally", delete teams "globally", manage accounts, and so on.